New Project.... Temp + Humidity + DataLogging ... Need a little guidance..

Greetings! I am an absolute newbie to Arduino and have been lurking for some time. This technology is exciting to me and I have a project in mind and got a little excited and purchased some stuff on Ebay. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I can get some help on what else I need to purchase / modify.

Ok Here are my requirements.
I have a small hermit crab enclosure that I want to record Temp / Humidity throughout the day so I can modify my warming lights or heat pads to make my Hermit crabs a nice and toasty 75 deg F and moist 75% humidity. Winter is coming to New England.

I would like to monitor temp / humidity one sample every 2-5 minutes and record it to a SD card for analysis. I would also like to sample along with the time/date stamp and output the whole mess to a .CSV

As this is my first Arduino project I want to have a low cost setup incase i fried something , I really wouldnt feel bad. I saw some super cheap Arduino compatabile setup and figgured what the heck.

Lets start with what i ordered:

UNO R3 ATmega328P CH340 Mini USB Board for Compatible Arduino DIY

Is there any other items I need to get to bring my idea to life... ( Power supply is one thing I can think of)
I believe I need shield/module for data logging to a SD card. Any low cost suggestions?