New project using RFID

I am beginner for Arduino, I want do small project using RFID MRFC522 help me in codeing,

Using two inputs and two outputs and RFID

Project sequence
:arrow_right:When first input continuously for 2 sec first relay on for 2sec only and then it will turn off (but input comes continuously)

:arrow_right:After relay turn off within 3 sec 2nd input will comes then relay 2 on for 2 sec only and then turn off

:arrow_right:If input not comes within 3 sec RFID card need reset that means relay 2 will turn on 2sec and off

Next the same cycle repeat only if the 1st input get low again get high. Process repeated.

RFID what're step it must reset relay 2 and relay 1

Please provide how to code.

Please provide how to code.


First off we don’t write code for you here, we help you write code, which means you must start things off.

Second your description makes absolutely no sense to me. What are you trying to do? What you wrote is just a random sequence of operations that sounds quite honestly like an assignment you have been given to prove you can program, which you can’t because you are posting here.

Start with the examples in the IDE on how to read a button.

Then use that to switch your relays based on the time sequence you want (look at blink without delay example for a way how to do this properly, so without blocking delay() calls).

Finally get your RFID to work and integrate it with the rest.

Sounds like a pretty simple and straightforward project to me.