New project with sensor input(Noob)

So, I have this school project. I'll be using an arduino NG board with 4 sensor inputs to drive 4 independent speakers. One sensor controls what plays at one loudspeaker, see?

I've still not come to conlude how the setup will be, but for a start, I will try with one sensor. Remember that I am a complete and utterly Arduino-noob.

So I have this sensor from clas Ohlson, a PIR-9038W, which comes with 4 wires. Two is for power, and the remaining two, is for the alarm. Not quite sure how it works.

How would you connect this? Considering there is two wires, would i be using two analog ins? I guess I will need a bredboard, but I don't have one at hand right now.

Any help on my primary question, or the project as a whole? I believe it is a fun project, and I will explain mor fully later what the whole idea is.

The sensor is

The PIR just acts as a switch. Note that it is normall closed when operating, so an alarm condition will open the contacts. Have a look in the tutorials and playground for how to wire up a switch (use digital pins and internal pullups).

From reading that sensor has a dry contact closure on alarm - wire one side of contact to Arduino ground, the other side of contact to a digital pin with the digital pin either wired HIGH or LOW depending your desires.

Program Arduino to make digitalWrite when it senses that digitalRead pin is high or low depending on how you wire it. There are several really good examples to go with. That sensor will be wired just like one of the open/close button sketches around.

There is a ASKmanual pdf file that is one of the best around and written by our own Mike.

This manual should give you 99.9% of what you need.

Have fun!!

Ken H>

There is two wires for the switch/alarm. Aswell there is two wires for power. Total of 4 coming from the sensor. These two power chords, they go to 9V and ground? And the alarm wires goes from ground to dig. in?

Thanks for the answers btw :)

Anyone? This is the card.

Figure I just connect the two black wires to ground and analog in? And the power wires to a battery? Could I connect 4 sensors to this card you think? All sharing the same ground and power supply?

Figure I just connect the two black wires to ground and analog in?

You'll probably get more sensible results wiring them to ground and a digital input with the internal pull-up enabled.