New to Arduino:

Would like to build a receiver that receives a signal (blue tooth or some other signal) this signal would be info about an item. Would like to be able to store numerous signals (25) and have the ability to display this info on a display (LCD ??).

OK- this is the brief outline of the project. I appreciate any and all guidance that is offered. I don't what to look at or to buy. Just found this site due to a referral from a cell phone repair store today.

Toto of Kansas

toto-of-kansas: I appreciate any and all guidance that is offered.

Give us the long version.

What do you mean by a signal?


How close does the signal need to be to the receiver? You can use multiple RFID tags, then on the arduino you would read the tag's ID number and have that match up to a data base with all the information about that item. OR... You can use multiple RF modules (multiple transmitters to a single receiver) but you would need an arduino for each item. Costly but can work for far distances.

I would suggest the RFID tags.