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I have successfully made a EEPROM programmer on a bread board using a Nano. I want to make the circuit a little more permanent. I use wire wrapping for most of my projects and this seems to be the best method for my purposes. I've been looking for a 30 pin socket for the Nano, but have not found anything that will work. How can I integrate the Nano into my circuit board? Thanks Mike

Use female headers to make your socket.

No, he wants a Wire Wrap socket! :grinning:

Otherwise he could just wire wrap the Nano pins themselves, or - would you believe - solder it! :roll_eyes:


wire wrap female headers

Tom... :slight_smile:

Long female header?

Lots of header pins an socket choices here

Long female header?

Actually, with the square pins, it does sound plausible that although not gold-plated as most Wire Wrap pins are, that most likely is intended for Wire Wrap.

I have only done it a few times, but most programmers I have seen use ZIF sockets.
Wouldn’t that be the way to go?
Or am I misunderstanding the OPs request? (entirely possible. not enough coffee yet)

I do not think he is plugging Nanos in to program them - you generally don't program them that way; you use USB or ICSP.

Presumably already has a WireWrap ZIF socket for the target device, but wants to WireWrap the Nano which is used as the programmer "intelligence" and apparently doesn't think wire-wrapping the header pins is good enough. :roll_eyes: