New Prototype Light

I am prototyping a new light design for archery and have little Arduino knowledge. My idea is for one pot to adjust how long the light is on (between 10 sec to 2 min) and the other for adjusting the brightness of the LED. And I want to have a low battery indicator too. When I'm finished working all the bugs out I want to put it on a ATTINY chip. when you push a button the light comes on for how ever long you have the pot set. I would like for the pots to reading at all times (so you could change the brightness with the led on).

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I've never worked with an attiny but i imagine it shouldnt be a problem
Do you know some basics like how to use analog read and pwm? You will also need to know about voltage dividers to read your battery voltage, and understand that while the leds are on it will drop a little not to confused with being lower than it is
Also you will need to know about how millis correspondends to seconds and any difference with the attiny in accuracy
You should also read about delay without the delay() command so you can read values constantly