New PZEM004T v3.00 and power flow direction

Hi. Can you re-send the link go the digital meter you referred to in this post? It returning HTTP 404 Not Found. Thanks.

adiculiniute: Hello dwienie! Man, If I could, I would retract my previous post... since it is not 100% a thing you can trust. Indeed the voltage is higher when you produce power, but this is not a reliable indication of injection in grid.

So, I gave up on this, and I switched to plan B. I bought a digital meter: This one, has a reverse indicator (LED). So, I put a LDR in front of this reverse indicator LED, and when it is ON, the arduino knows that injection is happening :) You can search any meter who has the reverse indicator. This model, is not very responsive, compared to my main grid meter (the one who belongs to my electricity company) It needs a couple of seconds to detect the reverse condition... but I can get over this...

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Adeleq single phase meter
( 02-554/DIG Adeleq • Acum in stoc pe )

can you download electronic components datasheets from icgram site.

I have just bought one of these sensors and also want to know if it can be used for import/export power sensing and haven't found anything to explain the flow of energy. As other posts have said the energy is positive or negative when importing or exporting respectively. Energy coming into a home and powering a 100% resistive load will have voltage and current in phase. A positive sample of voltage times a positive sample of current = positive power. If you have a solar pv inverter in your property and the net flow of energy is back to the grid, then the reference voltage ie the grid is the same but now the current is 180 degrees out of phase. Therefore a positive voltage sample x a negative voltage sample = negative power.


The clearest description I have come across is at Open Energy Monitor.

If the sensor could report the power and the phase difference then bingo but I don't know if it does to this extent. I believe it just reports phase difference up to 90 degrees.