New Screen no information i can find on it.

hello i have a screen a friend of mine gave me. I think he was using it in a project of his, But never did. he don't remember where he got it because it was a few years ago. So now i have it and i have been searching online for what it is the only place i can something is aliexpress which shows different pictures of what this screen is. But it says it's the same screen. On eBay i did find it here. I want to set it up with arduino but i can not figure out the pinout of it. Does anyone know anything about this screen?


It looks like a standard 16X2 LCD with 16 pin interface. Are there any numbers on the controller chip(s). Can you post a clear photo of the back side of the display?

i have upload a image

I did mange to find something on it from mouser. here. and that had a datasheet here.

So it looks like the pinout is

1 LED +A LED Anode Terminal
2 LED -K LED Cathode Terminal
3 VSS Power Supply (0V, GND)
4 VCC Power Supply for Logic
5 VEE Power Supply for LCD Drive
6 RS Register Select Signal
7 R/W Read/Write Select Signal H : Read L : Write
8 E Enable Signal (No pull-up Resister)
9 DB0 Display Data
10 DB1 Display Data
11 DB2 Display Data
12 DB3 Display Data
13 DB4 Display Data
14 DB5 Display Data
15 DB6 Display Data
16 DB7 Display Data

Is this a standard 16 pin screen?

I have found where some of these pins go but enough enough to make them work. pin 9 through pin 16 i have no clue they only say data pins.

they only say data pins.

DB0 to DB7

The data pins are the ones to which you send the data. You need to connect at least the last four (DB4-7).

Follow these instructions:

Hey AWOL i know but I never wired up a Display like this before. The only other one i did had a backpack on it to i2c. So i have no clue what to do now.

So i have no clue what to do now.

See reply #5.

Hello jremington thank you. I didn't see your post comment there. I'm looking at it now.

I don't have any pots available. It said to use a 10k pot. Can i just use a 10k resistor in it's place?

No, you need a voltage divider to set the contrast.

Okay well time to burn out a LCD wish me luck LOL.... I'll post a update if working or not shortly. This will be a first for me.

Have no fear.

Okay one thing i ran into is pin 5 VEE? What does VEE go to i don't no reference to that in the site?

VEE and connections are described in the data sheet, at the link you posted. Did you not bother to look at it?

Have no fear.

Yeah LCDs are like dogs - they can sense your fear of them.

Admittedly, it is difficult to control one's fear, and LCDs, dogs (and in my area, yellow jacket wasps*), know when you are trying to do that.


I honestly did not see that. And must of missed it. My fault there sorry. I found it. Looks like it goes to 5v.

Looks like it goes to 5v.

No, it goes to the pot (or voltage divider) center tap.

There is a clear wiring diagram in the data sheet. Please look at it again.

Okay all wiring looks good. This is what i did.

  1. LED plus i put that to a 220ohms resistor is all i got and other end went to 5v
  2. LED minus that i don't have a Pot for that it looks like so i put that just to ground and that lights up the back with no problem. I think that is okay.
  3. Vss that goes to ground.
  4. Vcc that goes to 5v
  5. VEE i put that between a 10k resistor and a 20k resistor. that is okay.
  6. RS i put that to D12 on the arduino.
  7. RW i put that to ground. as in the wiring showed.
  8. E i put that to D11 on the arduino.
  9. nothing
  10. nothing
  11. nothing
  12. nothing
  13. DB4 goes to D5 on the arduino.
  14. DB5 goes to D4 on the arduino.
  15. DB6 goes to D3 on the arduino.
    16, DB7 goes to D2 on the arduino.

I have it all wired up Next gong to check out the code to make sure the example all lines up.
coding check it all looks good.

Programmed it. Upload it.

And nothing blank screen with a led backlight