New site to slow for me.

Since no body else have complained I guess there is something wrong with my user, but since the new forum’s software was installed it takes between 20 and 30 seconds to get a response after I click on any link (forum, topic or anything else).

I know this is not my ISP since every other site can be seen very fast. I can advance several google search response pages before I get a reply from Arduino forum.

Administrators, could you please check what is wrong with me.

Thank you.

Juan C.

EDITED: I did some test and I found that if I visit Arduino forum using a CGI Proxy then the response is much much better. There could be something wrong with my public IP address , in fact it is not my public IP address since my provider doesn’t assign it to me. I have a private IP address assigned by my ISP. Could you please administrators fix this problem with me.

I’m also sad to not see the handy button that lets you quote someone right from their post, and the user control panel. This board actually feels like a downgrade.

macegr, click on your message total at the top to get to the control panel. It took me a bit to find it.

It is happening again.