New Sketch for Uno_Weather Shield for LaCrosse WS3600. 14 August 2014

I put the the at the top - because there is so much old code about the place that simply doesn't work any more.
This does. Thanks to Simon Ratcliffe this works extremely well. He wrote it.
A Freetronics Uno + ASK Weather Receiver, and this code. If you also add a Adafruit BMP180 Breakout to it, you get the Pressure and Indoor temperature as well. Plus a few other things that are on the BMP board. The Freetronics Uno uses 5v. The Sparkfun uses 3.3 volts. Don't mix them up. Not sure about the Arduino Uno it self.

Anyway - the code for the sketch. Simply load it in, and it should go. is here, as is both a GCC compilable c program to read the data through your USB/Serial port and save it to a file, as well as print it to the screen. There is also an XCode Project that uses the same code. Only does it on the Mac inside XCode. I'm working on doing a full on Weather Display in a bit.

Output looks like this

80,27,27,21.4,56,-,W  ,3.0,W  ,2.3
80,27,27,21.5,55,-,W  ,2.9,SSW,1.0
80,27,27,21.6,55,-,SSW,4.3,S  ,1.5
80,27,27,21.3,59,-,SSW,51.0,W  ,0.0
80,27,27,21.1,59,-,SSW,51.0,SW ,1.0
80,31,31,20.5,60,1018,SSW,51.0,SW ,1.0

All three file sets are downloadable from my blog here. DOWNLOAD FILES HERE

They aren't big, but it's all in one place here. On the Home Page, is the code for the weather.c, the data logger for the pc/mac as well. But it's all in the zip files, along with a compiler line called

robert$ cat
gcc -o weather -Wall -g weather.c