New Sketches always end up in the temp folder


I just bought my first board and installed the IDE (1.6.12) on Windows 7, 64 Bit. I’m logged in with Administrator rights.
I set up a folder in “C:\Users<My ID>\Documnets\ArduinoProjets” which also contains a “libraries” folder.
The folder location is set in the Preferences.

Nevertheless I don’t manage to actually store a sketch there. When I click “Save as”, the folder is offered as storage location. I enter a name and it is stored in “C:\Users<My ID>\Appdata\Local\Temp”.
Whatever I do, I alway end in the temp folder.

Any idea what’s going wrong here?


This sounds similar to a known Arduino IDE 1.6.12 specific bug(Can not save sketches on non admin Windows user account · Issue #5423 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub). It has already been fixed but will only be available when Arduino IDE 1.6.13 is released. If you want to test it out you can try the hourly build but be aware that it is for beta testing only and may not be stable. If you do try it out please report your results. You should also be able to avoid the bug by using Arduino IDE 1.6.11.


I tried the hourly build and it works. Switched back to 1.6.11 for now, this works also.


That’s great to know that your issue has been fixed in the hourly build. Thanks for testing it out and reporting your results. It’s unfortunate the bug happened but at least we know future versions won’t have the same problem.