New Slow Arduino IDE 1.8.9 on Win 10 2.9 GHz quad-core with +++ free resources

I've had many months off form using Arduino, and updated my install prior to getting going again. There were a few small issues with library updates causing problems that I needed to clean up, but I'm left with a working, but frustratingly slow compile process.

I have a relatively small sketch and it takes 20+ minutes to compile (uploading is just a couple minutes, and I'm happy to blame that on the baud rate/esp8266). The 20+ minutes, however, isn't justifiable using any hardware, not to mention my well-spec'd computer. I'm not having speed issues with any other programs. This used to, and should, only take a few seconds on this system.

I am using IDE 1.8.9 on a windows 10 4-core Intel Xeon E3-1545M v5 2.90 GHz, with 32GB memory on an SSD drive. I have read through old threads and tried making exceptions in AVG for all the Arduino directories (cache, build, libraries, projects, etc) - no difference; disabling AVG - no difference. I've disabled bluetooth - no difference.

With verbose compiling, there isn't any one culprit step that it stalls on - they all take 30-120 seconds each. I confirmed that all the directory paths produced are in the AVG exceptions list - although disabling AVG didn't help either, as mentioned above. I had been getting an error message about a spurious directory in the homie library, so I removed the library entirely, as well as a few other libraries I didn't have a reason to keep. This didn't help. There were several system restarts involved, again, no change.

Looking at my system resources task manager, My system is barely being scratched for resources.
CPU 4%, speed 1.78 GHz. peak 10% when I watched for a while.
Memory 18% (5.9 / 31.9 GB).
Disc 0%,
GPU 11%
Processes 269, Threads 3162, Handles 11128
Virualization Enabled
L1 cache 256 kb
L2 cache 1.0 mb
L3 cache 8 mb
Up time 0:02:28:10

There wasn't any obvious culprit process popping up at the top of the memory or cpu list, and even the top users only used 1-2% CPU and a few hundred mb memory.

Arduino IDE is currently (17 min into current re-attempt) using 0.1% CPU, 170.2 MB, 0MB/s disc.
Chrome is open to write this post, and it is using 0.8% CPU, 306 MB memory, and 0.1 MB/s disc.
The rest of the processes are much more insignificant for utilization.

I don't think it's my system...
I do notice that process manager refers to 32 bit applications for Arduino IDE. I had originally installed from the windows store (as the website had been pointing that direction). Looking at the official website, I see specific links to 64 bit version for linux and mac, but not windows. While I know a 64 bit install would be more efficient, this same installation didn't give me grief in the fall when I used it last.

Are there any other troubleshooting suggestions? Has anyone else noticed a significant slow-down with the Arduino IDE application on Windows recently?

[now that I'm done this message, I'm, 28 minutes into the compile and haven't hit the upload yet.]

Update: Separate install of Arduino IDE using the downloadable installer - no option to choose a 64 bit installation. I do the clean install, and download only the needed board (8266 package, for nodeMCU) and library (DHT, PubSub client).

Compiling is still taking a ridiculously long time, unfortunately. Bluetooth is off. I don't have any logitech devices running, can't find the logitech controller process running that has been commented on affecting IDE.

Any ideas?