New start-up!

Hey guys!

A few of my co-workers and I are building a machine that will really help the open source community. We are building the first fully functioning prototype right now, but we need money to finish it. Instead of going straight to Kickstarter (or asking for donations) we decided to start selling components in a web store to fund our prototype. Once we finish the prototype we will go to Kickstarter and (with funding) our machine will change the way the engineering process works.

So if you would like to order some resistors, we ask that you order through us!

EDIT: Right now we are only selling to US customers

How long until it is out of the prototype stage?

We hope to be out of the prototyping stage by December at latest. I wish I could say more about the project but my partners want to release all the information at once. We really need money right now as we do not want to sell out to a big company, so we ask that you consider purchasing something from our web store :D.

Next week we will have many more products in stock!

The only thing I see in your store are 20 cent resistors..

codlink: The only thing I see in your store are 20 cent resistors..

They're fireproof. I am not sure how you can prove that in-circuit, but it sounds funky!

Lol. yes there are only resistors! That is what happens when you have an ultra low budget!

And thank you for pointing that out haha, they are indeed flame retardant!