New sub-board, please?

Could we have a new sub-board for discussing PCB fabrication?

While I was not a fan of the "new" forum structure... too many too similar fora... it would seem to me that questions of PCB fabrication may be of interest to many Arduino types, and yet no existing sub-forum is quite right for those discussions... and for many (but not all)readers of all of the sub-forums where PCB fab issues sometimes arise, those discussions must be annoying... the PCB fabbers out there must, after all, be a small subset of the wider Arduino community?

Would it "cost" so very much to give such a sub-forum a trial? If there were no interest, it would wither (like some existing sub-fora), and if it DIDN'T wither, that would say all that needs to be said, no? (And keep those nasty fabbers out of the software-only types' hair!)

When we made the forum change (and several times since) there was complaints that we have too many boards and it was (I thought) decided they would be reviewed with a view to removing those that weren't used much.

Looking at the board now most are in fact used a lot but the most likely candidates for removal are "E-Textiles and Craft", "Scandinavia" and "Workshops and Events".

Now I think Scandinavia should be kept and probably Workshops... but E-Textiles... could easily go. Maybe replace it with a PCB board for a trial period.

I don't suppose there's an easy way to find existing posts about PCBs to see how popular the subject is.


I think it'd be great, give us a place to ask Eagle, Kicad, etc questions also.

I'll just repeat what I said in my original post:,77939.15.html

brucethehoon: The fact of the matter is that the positive culture on this forum means that novices get more support and encouragement here than on other forums. I think a dedicated PCB design / fab sub forum on this site would be very well received and appreciated by those hoping to get started, and would create a place where new Arduino designs could be created, improved and released to the world.

I'd rather answer and ask questions here than any other forum I've been to.