New Subforum: Buying / Selling

A user posted this a while back (before this suggestion forum existed), so I thought I'd repost here because I think it's a great idea. The user suggested that a new subforum be added for people who want to buy electronic parts / boards, etc. or are trying to sell electronics. I'll quote what the user originally said:

I feel that there is a vibe going round about people wanting some new sub-categories in the forum and I thought that people could post them here...

I think that there should be a sales/wanted sub-category because of the amount of people who are making boards and other products which then get stuck in news/development/bar sport etc depending on what they are feeling like!

Some people have also commented on possible sub categories for other things...






I'd like to see this, too.

One could argue that it could be done in Bar Sport, but my feeling is that it would be too much like an insurance salesman working a cocktail party.


i do belive this is a great idee.

I also think this is a great idea.

I'd also like to see a user-to-user "swap meet" type of forum - where you could buy/sell/trade sell modules and components with other users.

Like many folks on this forum, I've built up quite a large inventory of components/modules. Over the years I have accumulated duplicates and extras of many items, some are still brand new.

It would be great to have a place to share them with other hobbyists.

I think a buy/sell subforum would be great :D

Hmm, a subforum is not really handy to work with. I can make a system with PHP. I'm currently working on one, it's easy to edit it to Arduino stuff.

I am active on several diffrent forums with sell/buy subforums. Some forums doesn't allow answers and some allows threads several pages long. But all needs moderators. Not easy to administer. Maybe the best way is to copy a working swapmeet? Yes, I am looking at Ebay. Or a multi webshop, where every seller donates a small sum to Arduino when they register their shop? Keeps autospammers away too.

If you want a really great layout, Check out the general section of the forums here They have a section under the General tab called The DIY Store. Then they have sub-section such as Buy/Sell/Trade, Member Approved Vendors, etc. where members can post items for sale or wanted, post links to reputable vendors, link to references, etc.

Just my two cents, but it is an Awesome forum to get great ideas from. ;)