New synth project- need advice

Hey all, I'm working on creating a new synthesizer based on the YMF262 chip along with two YAC512 DACs. Hoping to get a nice old-school chiptune sound out of it, since I believe this is very similar to the design used in the sega genesis.

Anyways, I have all the parts together (in case you were wondering, prototyping with SOIC chips is a pain in the ASS!) and was looking for some advice on a few things:

  • The YMF262 FM synth chip requires a 14.32MHz clock signal. I want to use something like this: . Are there any considerations I should keep in mind when using this as an input to my IC? I've done a fair amount of microcontroller projects but nothing really involving time-sensitive oscillators or much with AC/RLC circuits before
  • The datasheet for the DAC says that I should use NJM4560 OP-Amps, but they seem to be obsolete. Are there any usable replacements?
  • I'm using an MCP23S17 as a port expander to interface with the FM chip, does this create a performance issue or is it all good?

datasheets for the Chips: ymf262- yac512-

If anyone has any insight on anything that is here, let me know! I'll be creating a blog soon detailing all of this.

I don't think there should be too many problems - find a good general purpose rail-to-rail opamp (not micropower though), that oscillator should be no problem, so long as its the right supply voltage. The port expander might slow down access a bit but I doubt you are trying to send high data rates?

I presume you've discovered SOIC to DIP adapter boards?