New to 101 - Thermal Printer Serial/Library Failures

Hey All,

I'm rather new to Arduino, and I picked up a 101 in order to take advantage of the increased flash/memory over my Uno (plus future Bluetooth and accelerometer interests). I have a code running on a UNO R3 that prints directly to a thermal receipt printer. When I tried the same code with the 101 I was unable to produce any results.

I have updated the IDE and loaded the correct board. Is there a process for updating Libraries to work seamlessly? Is there some issue with SoftwareSerial on 101 that I'm not aware of?

These are the libraries that are being used.

#include "Adafruit_Thermal.h"
#include "SoftwareSerial.h"
#define TX_PIN 6 // Arduino transmit  YELLOW WIRE  labeled RX on printer
#define RX_PIN 5 // Arduino receive   GREEN WIRE   labeled TX on printer
SoftwareSerial mySerial(RX_PIN, TX_PIN); // Declare SoftwareSerial obj first
Adafruit_Thermal printer(&mySerial);     // Pass addr to printer constructor

I've noticed other issues uploading EEPROM randomizers and *Char operations -- it doesn't seem to agree with some simple codes I've had running before.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,


You are moving a sketch intended for an AVR platform onto a totally different CPU.
That will cause untold errors until you use libs that are also compliant with the 101 cores.

Error messages are crucial and a full sketch so that people may at least try to replicate where it is going wrong or how.

Nice to see the use of code tags :wink: