new to all this TINKERCAD

ok so im new to all this, ive been told to try tinkercad. made a project on there and well 5 days got nowhere with it. has anyone used it.

I've played with it a bit, but you will get a lot better response if you describe what you would like to do.

What does this have to do with Arduinos?

Tinkercad Circuits is an Arduino/circuit simulator. It used to be called Circuits123 and was one of first free simulators. I haven’t seen any updates to it since Autodesk took it over.

I’ve played with it and even used it to do simple code tests. It’s limited with the components and libraries. But the debugger is nice.

You can drag and drop code blocks so you don’t really have to code. Turn the code blocks off and write it yourself.

Nice part is you don’t need to wire or breadboard anything and quickly get going. If you can simplify what you’re doing to LEDs you can easily code your logic with it. Lack of components and libraries so quickly grow out of it.

Looks like has a post about it