New to Arduino and coding. Need help on modifying code from arduino 101 to UNO.

Hello. I haven't coded in arduino before much and am very new to coding electrical components. I found a tutorial online for making a toy car and controlling through your phone, but it uses an arduino 101, but I only have an arduino UNO and HC-06 Bluetooth module as a replacement.

Heres the link to the code:

My question is if I can use the code directly or if I need to modify it to include the bluetooth. If I need to modify the code, I was wondering which topics I should start looking at or where to start to know how to do it.

The 101 is a totally different beast from the UNO MCU wise and other differences.

You would need to replace anything that calls the CURIE side to a different library calling the HC module just to start with. (beyond my ability).

That said a lot of people have used UNO's with BT so you should be able to pick up a few examples around the net.

Think this topic might be better suited to a different area too.