New to Arduino and need some advice

Hi Guys, i am new here and new to the Arduino world. I want to build a project using Arduino, I am 34 years old finished university in 2008 and my graduation project at that time was based on PIC Controller (Electronic Restaurant Customer Service) at that time the project had nothing like it, years after it came to life and we see it in restaurants.

Anyway, I love electronics and creating new things. I know it will come all together when I start my project, I just need some advice.

My project is to create a device that controls a motor (speed control) that reads the temperature, humidity, speed, have a speaker and works on the 4G network and supports RF Control via RF remote to control the motor on long-range. along with PTZ Camera.

On the Other side the device will be controlled by a mobile phone app, where can control the speed of the motor, monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed, can also speak through the app and voice will come out from the device speaker, and monitor and control the camera mounted on the device.

I need your advice on what components of Arduino i need for this project, there are a lot of Arduino controllers to chose from, which one is the most suitable one.

i appreciate your help thank you

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I don't really know what to advise for your project but your university project caught my interest as it sounds exactly like what was used in a local chain of restaurants near me, right down to having a PIC as the controller. The owners of the restaurant approached me to fix it but without source code and a schematic fixing it would have been an uphill struggle. Would you be interested in discussing that, either privately or on here? Obviously first we'd need to establish we are talking about the same product. If it helps I am near Nottingham and the restaurants are in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Hopefully someone else can help with your new project and please forgive me for jumping on this one.

If you want network and phone apps consider something with OS and more RAM, RasberryPi maybe?

Hi Perry, thanks for your reply. WOW it feels great to see something I created years ago comes to life. However, the industrial version of my project was done after years of my graduation. I couldn't follow up on my project to bring it to the industrial, manufacturer level because I got engaged in work-life. To be honest, I cannot be much of an assistant in your project problem at this point of life.

I will go through my project - as much as I can remember - and see if you can take any advantage of it.

My project contains 2 parts, part one is a tabletop device that lists down the restaurant menu with a screen and buttons to navigate on the screen (LCD Screen), after the customer creates his order, he will then send it, and a management computer is located at the cashier where orders are received from tables, each order is labeled with the table number and a list of items the table wants with quantity and total (though total was displayed on the tabletop device for the customer before sending the order.

At the management computer, orders will be displayed for the cachier and automatically sent to the kitchen printer, where they are printed through a thermal printer.

and this was it, the university and the fund institute asked my to continue the project and make its commercial use, but real life and work-life got deep into me. In this project we were 3 engineers, I took the part of the tabletop device with the PIC controller, designing, programming and implementing. my other two friends took the part of management computer we used C++ to program software with a nice user interface to manage orders and menus.

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Thank you for the heads-up, will do so on the next topics.

Hi @firasayyash

I'm not sure I understand your need, but a microcontroller
with many features is the ESP32 CAM.
I would start the project by studying this ESP.
It has a native camera, has several ports, has wifi, has PWM adjustment in frequency and duty cycle besides and other features.
Any extra resource could be used in an additional module,
with for example a port expander,

RV mineirin

Thank you @firasayyash
From your description it was a different product, sorry. I'll leave this alone now and hope someone else can provide some help for you.

Well done for what you did though!


for this topic, it seems like the project is very broad and lots of it cannot be done on the arduino.
as in all projects, breaking it into parts makes things easier to address.

starting with the easy stuff.
*read temperature and humidity. BME280 easy-peasy
*read motor speed, need more data, but maybe reflective dot on shaft and IR sensor
*control motor speed, from signals from app/web - randomnerd tutorial
*4G = google
*speaker - someone else needs to comment

that is the basic break down.
although you don't care about WiFi, an ESP32 or ESP8266 can offer some abilities in connecting to WiFi with lots of tutorials. Beginners Guide to the ESP8266 is a wealth of information for those chips.

You've described the parts, but what is the overall purpose for all this hardware?

The device will be located in areas where WiFi is not there, it will be implemented for agricultural applications where user can control a motor (water pump mainly but speed can be controlled) monitor weather conditions, and have a camera to see the site, and speaker to send voice messages where the device is installed. i was roaming around the internet and saw some people talking about the Raspberry Pi technology for complicated applications.

it will be implemented for agricultural applications where user can control a motor (water pump mainly but speed can be controlled) monitor weather conditions, and have a camera to see the site, and speaker to send voice messages where the device is installed

there RPi is much more robust for this wort of interface.
the Arudino is used for the data gathering and local control.

Thank you, i will deeply check this out.

Conventional wisdom is that once cameras get involved, it's too much for the Arduino and you're better off with a Pi. With faster Arduino like hardware available, such as the Teensy or Adafruit feather ranges, things are more blurry.

I suspect Pi is still your answer, but you will need to have (or acquire) some familiarity with Linux.

ESP32 with its camera can do the video.

Fot the cell link it woud be easier to use an actual cell phone.

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