New to Arduino and need some general advice.

I have a bit knowledge of elctronics but no much experience. Totally new to arduino and want to put the following build together

The basic build looks simple enough but I do need a few things answering.

  1. I have the Arduino Nano and the original project asks for a Pro Mini. Any compatibility problems because if there is I’ll just order the Pro Mini? Same chip set - ATMega328 as far as I can see!

  2. The attached circuit diagram refers to VCC at several points. I know that this may seem a very trivial question… but what is a VCC and where do I find it?

Apart from building a straight forward kit for my ham licence I am totally new to this so apologies for the very basic questions.

  1. Nope, assuming your nano is working. A nano is a pro-mini with the USB<->serial adapter built-in, instead of external. A few of the pins may be in different locations (don’t remember off the top of my head), but they’ll still be labled the same.

Note - many of the cheap nano’s from ebay use a CH340G, not the FTDI chip; so you’ll need to download the CH340G drivers for it if that’s what it uses (look for a chip marked either CH340G or FTDI near the USB connector).

  1. Vcc is the supply voltage (nominally 5v on most arduino boards). Vdd is sometimes used as well for supply voltage, and Vss is sometimes used to refer to ground. V followed by 2 other lowercase letters is commonly used for other voltages, when the application has more than just Vcc and Gnd for whatever reason.

Thought that’s what Vcc would have had something to do with voltage when considering the circuit but not seen the term before. Thanks for the extra information. So I take it that I would connect straight to the +5v pin?

Thanks for the details on the chip. It is the CH340G.