New to Arduino and needs some guidance...

I am thinking of getting an arduino board for a project I am working on. Here is what I am working on and need some help with.

I have a system that has kettles, valves and pumps. I would like to make a panel that represents where the valves and pumps are. Throughout different steps in the process different valves will be open and shut and different pumps will be on or off. I would like the panel to have led lights that would let you know what valves to open or close (there are 12 valves total, with a green led for open and a red led for close) and what pumps need to be on or off (with red and green led's). The step in the process could be determined by an incremental dial switch (but I am open to suggestions). I would like to have an lcd display to show what step you are on. I might also want to add lcd displays for each kettle (3 of them) to display the temperature.

I have no idea where to begin or what I actually might need to make this project work. Any and all help and comments will be very much welcomed!!

So i guess what I am looking for is :

  • can this be done with arduino
  • what type of arduino do i need
  • what else will i need and where are the best sources for the parts

I am sure there will be some questions here so please ask.

Thanks in advance.

I think arduino board (any one) will be able to do this. You will need sensors to check the voltages on the valves, and and the voltage on the pumps. You can use many LCDs, but a small 2 row, 16 column, can display what step you are on, and 3 other values easily.

I am not sure what you mean

The step in the process could be determined by an incremental dial switch (but I am open to suggestions)

. Could that be a voltage?

This is only for display, not to control the system?

Yes this setup will be used as a guide for someone to manually open and close the valves. It is just a visual representation. There is no electric valves just manual valves.

The swith or whatever device would be used to show the configuration for each step. A dial swith may not be the best option. Maybe some type of electric two way switch to go from step 1, then to step 2, etc.

If you can get a signal/voltage from each step, then you can send it into a data input pin (arduino has many) to determine which step it is on.