New to Arduino, Big project , IN CAR PC

Hi everyone

Quick bit about me , I've seen Arduino around for a while now and keep meaning to try it out, however I never find anything it will help me with.

I've always wanted my own in car pc , I already have torque pro for my android phone that is similar.

Here's what I want to build / integrate

SCREEN --- that is motorised that comes out of my dash ,(easy to do as it will be on two runners and a ac dc motor)

GPS --- in car sat nav

parking sensor integration -- I already have non gen sensors

battery manager

OBD 2 program like torque pro --- reads ob2 data -- I already have Bluetooth OBD adapter

Android type interface with a remote a bit like a parrot kit mki9200 which I have installed already

I think I've bitten off more than I can chew but one of my favourite quotes , this quote I made up by the way

"The only thing that stops us achieving anything in this life is the mind , however imagination is created by the mind and the imagination is more powerful than the mind itself"

I'm going to buy a Arduino starter kit to get me going

Sorry if this post is long winded I'm just new and excited about all this stuff


As much as I like the Arduino, it doesn't really have enough processing power to run a car PC or anything else that needs a nice GUI. You could maybe look at the Raspberry PI, or partially staying Arduino, the Udoo board that has both a decent Microprocessor (runs Linux or Android I believe), as well as an onboard Arduino compatible Microcontroller.

I can see an Arduino running the physical/mechanical aspects of a car PC, but it would not really be able to function as the main 'brain'.


Reading OBD2 is non trivial. You would need to start with buying a real genuine ELM327 from Canada (as opposed to a non documented fake from China).

Thanks guys

Gives me a better insight , I have thought about raspberry pi however I would just want it to be a basic sat nav to start with , could I piggy back a Arduino shield onto a normal sat nav to operate in big screen mode ?

In regards to the OBD socket mine is a elm327 , it didn't come from China as the cloned ones don't work with torque properly and there very glitchy

So here's how it goes

I work for VW anyways so I see all the really good technology first however I used to work for Audi, now all the really fancy hi tech stuff we make and produce costs penny's , it's a bunch of sensors connected to a node which goes to a ecu , that's it and yes we like to charge nether regions of £££s for it

So what I'm now thinking is it worth just a raspberry pi ?

I'm proper new to this stuff and trying to understand it all , so please bear with me .

If I get a Arduino and attach a couple of shields listed below

GPS shield

Shield for park sensors

Shield for tft screen

Would it be possible or am I lacking processing power ?

Thanks for all your help so far really appreciate it