New to Arduino, Help with Dosimter Software

Hi all,

I just build the following kit:
And am interested in adding a dosimeter function. It seems like folks have done this before, but I am unsure how to understand all this software. I am brand new to arduino!
I was wondering if anyone has built this and modified the software so that it can also act as a dosimeter.
Thank you

If your finished kit is working, and is reporting "counts per minute" or even just clicks, congratulations! That is part of the hard work in making a dosimeter and "counts per minute" is a very useful indicator of whether significant ionizing radiation above background is present.

Unfortunately, it is quite complicated to create a calibrated dosimeter because you need information on several other factors -- which primarily involve the sensitivity of the Geiger tube to the radiation of interest. For example, you need to know if you want to measure the dose of alpha, beta, gamma (or X-ray) radiation as well as the energy of that radiation. So, there will be a number of different conversion factors and which you use depends on your particular worry. Furthermore, radiation dose is measured in several different ways, some having to do with how efficiently the human body absorbs that radiation. Again, you have to decide what it is you want to measure and what units would be meaningful. There is some discussion of this problem on this page under the heading "About Conversion Rates"

For a given radiation source you can always compare the counts per minute that you get with your counter, with those of a calibrated radiation meter, and come up with a quick-and-dirty calibration. Nearly every major college or university has such equipment and people would probably be glad to help.

First, though, read up on how radiation is measured and do not be surprised if you find it bewildering!

That's fair, I primarily built it because I wanted to see if I could find hot spots so changes in magnitude are more important anyway.

Can anyone tell me how to upload the library for OLED in place of the LCD library. I already put the OLED library on my computer under libraries but have no idea how to download (or is it upload it to my board). I do not want to erase what I already have on there. I do have the connector and everything, just need a walkthrough on how to download the OLED library.