New to Arduino, looking for help with some ideas

I am new to Arduino and its code and I just wanted to know if it`s possible to do stuff like:
-using an Arduino to plot curves that show the resistance according to time [t(s)] or according to the current[I(A)]
-Compute how a capacitor discharges in a load or the capacitance of an unkown capacitor
These are only 2 examples but if you have relevant links or some tips it would be greatly apreciated ! (Sorry if my english is bad!)

First, yes. Second, I don't quite understand what you want to do. Want to know the capacitance of an unknown cap? Possible with an Arduino but you need extra (analog) hardware.

And the first greatly depend on where you want to plot it :slight_smile:

And just pick a project and start to break it down into manageable pieces. You can make a topic in projects if you want help with a particular project.

Thank you for your reply, I will post in projects and see if anyone there can help. I was thinking of ploting the curve in Matlab or Excel.

You can't do it directly in Excel. You can output the raw data to the PC and past it in Excel though. And as far as Matalb, that should work but that would require some serious Matlab programming aka that's not in Arduino land :slight_smile: