New to Arduino - Looking for Reliable Canadian Electronics Supplier

Hi there. Iron Llama here.

I just discovered the Arduino and I'm interested in diving in. Problem is, I'm not a hardware person. This is all fairly strange gobbel-de-guk to me aside from a few vague memories from undergrad physics lab.

I live in Ontario, Canada, and I'm looking for a RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE supplier of the kind of electronic supplies to use with Arduino projects. I picked up John Boxall's book 'Arduino Workshop' and I have his complete list of supplies I need. I saw a post of his that recommended against using Amazon, though, and in a few google searches, over half of the Canadian electronics suppliers that I found were out of business, or at least their websites had changed in the last 2-4 years.

The seemingly best website I have found is DigiKey, whose website is still running. Is that one good?

For online ordering I use Mouser, Digikey and Newark. Depending where you are there might be local shops as well.

I haven't had much luck with local shops. Thanks for those extra two websites, I'll check them out. near Niagara Falls. I buy a lot from them, they ship MA/US without issues.