New to Arduino, looking to run a script from flipping a switch

I'm an engineering student and I'm looking to make a 5 axis desk size robotic arm to learn coding a little bit more. I have the code working for the servos and the potentiometers pretty well, they jitter a bit but I think it might just be because they are low quality servos just for testing. Basically I want to be able to flip a switch, have the arm go to a default position, turn around, and turn off the switch, kind of like a "Useless Box." I'm lost on where to start, I got a "If" gate working for when I press a button but that's just about it.

Start with the examples in the IDE, especially the ones on how to read a button press.

I actually figured it out, thank you though. Apparently I just wasn’t add enough of a delay between each servo movement, Arduino runs on milliseconds apparently so a delay(20) doesn’t do too much.

That's indeed 20 milliseconds delay.

Not seeing your code - which would need to be posted according to the forum instructions - we would never know. :astonished: a beginner, you probably know (and your next hurdle) will involve replacing your delay() calls with millis() timing.