New to Arduino, Need Help Setting Up.

This is a new board and I am unfamiliar with the device. I searched the forums and was unable to find anything that can help. Here is what I have thus far.

Windows 7 Uno I can run Basic > Blink, this is about all I was able to run successfully. I try to run "oddWiresRoboticsKit_MotorShield.ino" and get the following error: oddWiresRoboticsKit_MotorShield.ino:48:21: fatal error: NewPing.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. Error compiling.

To run that sketch you will have to copy the needed libraries to your sketch folder. The libraries that you will need for this particular sketch are:

New Ping Adafruit Motor Shield library

It is better to post in the Programming Guidance sub-forum when you have a question about your sketch. This sub-forum is for persons that are having a problem with their board or the Arduino IDE install and as such you might not always get a response here.

Good luck. S. Price