New to Arduino - need help with a project!


Being completely new to Arduino, I'd like to get some ideas on this thing I want to do. I'd like to do this the simplest and most inexpensive way possible.

So - what I want to do is put 3-4 items in specific place / order and doing this will trigger something (for example a lock to open a door or drawer). I am thinking of putting a rfid tag or similar on the items, but I am not sure how to do multiple readers/items.

A bit about me - I went to school for computer science, I can code for sure but know next to nothing of electronics :frowning:

Any guidance on easy implementations and possible tutorials to use would be amazing.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

This project shows you how to use three RFID readers

As you only need to know if an item is in a specific place, it may be simpler to use another simpler sensor (magnetic reed for eg). However if you want to know if a specific item is in a specific place RFID would suit.