new to arduino need help

hi guys im new to arduino i recentlly bought an arduino uno. i want to make my own robot. the problem is that i dont know how to control my robot with my computer. i heard nrf24l01+ data transceiver could help but i dont know how to use this. i know i need one plugged to the arduino uno but how do i send info from my computer to the nrf24l01+ data transceiver onboard the robot. Do I need to microcontrollers? any links any comment will help thankyou in advance

You could have a controller (another Uno) connected to one RF24 that gets data from your computer via USB serial and sends to and receives from the RF24 on the robot controller.

Another choice is a RF24 dongle like this (if you can find one) USB RF24 dongle With these you won't need another controller, it looks like a serial port to your computer and works without the extra Arduino (controller).

How far apart will the radios be?

It sounds like you have a long way to go before you get to control a robot. If you have just started in electronics and programming, start with the basics of reading inputs and controlling output LEDs. Then progress to motors and remote control.

The Learning tab at the top of the page has a lot of help for beginners.