New to Arduino need some hardware recomendations

Since jumping into the 3D printer world headfirst (read bellyflop hahaha) the arduino architecture has me greatly intrigued. I’ve decided that I want to jump in and begin to teach myself how to code program and arduino board.

I tend to learn better when doing a real world project and to jump into this world I’ve decided i want to make a bbq pit controller.

I am looking at a controller, and LCD panel, some form of basic HMI control, 2 thermocouples, and an inducer fan.

i know you can purchase these from various places, but I would like to build my own. Ive went though the initial round of making an LED blink on an arduino mega…but that has been re-purposed for a 3d printer with downloaded firmware.

What I am thinking is this for my hardware list:

(1) - Arduino Uno
(2) - MAX6675 Modules
(2) - K-type thermocouples
(1) - Bluetooth Wireless board

Along with some sort of LCD panel…either a push button shield of something similar to the reprap smart controller that uses an LCD and a rotary encoder for control.

the idea is to monitor the temp of the cooking chamber and the internal meat temp and have the arduino turn the inducing fan on and off as needed. Also use the bluetooth function to send messages to an android devicewhen the temps reach certain levels… (pit temp too high, pit temp too low, meat temp hits a target…etc)

I was looking at the LCD shields for the arduino Uno but not sure how to connect to the un-used output pins since the shield cover the entire board…


My LCD-Keypad shield has eyelets for all unused pins, where I can attach headers or cables. Or stick a general purpose shield in between the Arduino and LCD shield.

possible info:

apparently this is a common subject haha... thanks zoomkat ill dig through those links