New to arduino..need to know compatibility

I am building a portable rain room for my senior design project and I need some advice on which arduino to use. We want to control the device using a wireless GUI. The XBee Shield WRL-09976 seems nice but I am not quite sure which board is compatible with it. Some sources I found said the Arduino Uno - R3 and Arduino Main Board DEV-00666 will work but Im not totally sure. Any information would be useful. Thanks!


The Uno is compatible with the wireless/SD shield which takes the XBee module. However to use an XBee you also need a second XBee for your PC.

However you can replace the XBee with a WiFi module known as a WiFly which has the same foot print as the XBee. No internet is required to use WiFi in this way!.

But both options will work just plug the shield in to the uno and the module XBee or WiFly in to the shield.