New to Arduino, not new to programming. Query about Serial.h and SerialClass.cpp

Good day all. I have a sketch dating to 2013 which has includes for Serial.h. A new install of Serial.h and SerialClass.cpp on a Mac OSX continues to offer errors. I have found the new SoftwareSerial lib and am validating that the 2013 code has been deprecated in favor of SoftwareSerial. Thank you.

Was there a question for us in there somewhere or you just wanted to let us know what you were up to for the day?

The question at hand is this: Is Serial.h and SerialClass.cpp deprecated to the new SoftwareSerial library? Since I can not find the old Serial lib, I will have to rewrite the code I have from 2013. If the old code is still available, then I will run with it. If not, then I'll rewrite.

I don't think there has ever been a serialclass.cpp on arduino. That's more of a host side thing.

This points to the include file that the original 2013 code calls for.

I have seen notices that this was required for Mac OSX versions of the IDE, but is no longer available.

So.. I guess I will just rewrite the code to interface with the newer SoftwareSerial lib.

OK I think I get it. You're not talking about code to run on an Arduino. You're talking about a library to run on the computer to talk to the Arduino. Have I got that right? Because on the Arduino you would just use Serial. The Serial.h library you mention isn't something I've ever heard of for the Arduino. But from the link you gave it looks like that is code to run on a computer that you want to be able to interface with an Arduino.

So have I got that right? If so let me know and we can work on figuring out what you need. If you're looking for code to run on the Arduino itself then you've got the wrong end of that code.