New to Arduino programming

Good afternoon everyone, my boss just gave this starter kit and told me to make a stack status light work with the green on when it starts. when a fail happens trigger the red light and siren, keep them on until someone hits the reset button. I need to know where to start if possible. Thanks in advance

Draw a block diagram first. What are the signals to the Arduino? 24V PLC stuff? Logic level?

What is the drive for the stack lights? Are they driven by 24V too?

Block this stuff out. The code is trivial for this but you need to set it up electrically.

BTW, what is this going on? Industrial equipment? Is there a chance that someone could get hurt if the stacklights don't show the right thing? If so (i.e. this is safety-equipment), the Arduino is not really a suitable controller for the lights.

Well you need to know how to tell when "it starts" (whatever "it" is). Then you need to know how to tell when "a fail" happens. Once you have those communicated to the Arduino it's really easy.

There are many examples in the IDE showing how to light an LED and how to read buttons/switches.


Maybe start by explaining what "stack status" means to you?

And define what is a 'fail'?

Is this some sort of server [network] status light/indicator?