New to Arduino...Questions regarding shields

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read my questions and any help you are able to offer. I recently finished my first semester of Electrical Engineering and per my professors recommendations and my fascination with the topics thus far, I have decided to start messing around with arduinos and trying to learn some programming languages. Currently I am studying Python in my down time between semesters but after a few weeks of experimentation with the Arduino I bought, it seems like C/C++ will definitely be next up.

I want to try and build a simple rc car or robot that can be controlled either from my computer or separate controller, doesn't really matter. I am confused as to the parts I will need. Its seems as though there might be several different angles to the same goal but as I already have a wireless sd shield and motor shield I would like to use those for my project. If I am understanding things correctly, I think I will need another arduino and wireless sd shield plus 2 xbee antennas.

What is the typical or most common setup of a rc car or wireless robot? Would you have an Arduino and wireless sd shield plus 1 xbee on your pc/controller side of the robot and than another arduino, wireless sd shield, motor shield and the other xbee on the actual robot side?

You'd be better off with Bluetooth and a PS3 controller (or pick your gaming console) to get started, compared to zigby or wifi.

If you do a search, I did a write up a few years back with an arduino mega ADK, a Bluetooth USB dongle, a PS3 controller, and a Roomba (also put an arm on it and haven't finished it). Sounds like you'd want to do something similar.

What are you going to build from scratch and what are you going to cannibalize? Are you going to build the car, the brains, and the controller from scratch? zigby would be fine.

Do you want to get something going quickly? use as much off the shelf components (like a Bluetooth or 2.4 ghz transceiver pair) as you can.