New to arduino.. real time tracking project !!

hello guys ' recently i've been researching about a project in which we can track a person's coordinates using gps modem and send it to application server using gsm/gprs modem and then see it through google maps.Things ive already bought is :- arduino :- gps : - gsm/gprs modem - it is basically a sim900 module with serial and built in sim card holder and now as i am new to arduino could u guys please guide me how can i interface gsm/gprs and gps modem to the arduino

thanx in advance !

If you're doing this for the fun of it then there's no problem solving it with an Arduino. On the other hand, if you actually want to track the position of a person or people, wouldn't it be easier to use a smartphone to do it? There are already plenty of apps doing that sort of thing, and it would be easy enough to write your own if the existing ones don't do what you want.

You can certainly solve this problem with an Arduino instead, but it's quite a big and expensive thing to carry around and keep supplied with battery power.

I agree with the previous post. If you want to do a fun but reliable solution, try considering the SparqEE CELLv1.0. It is a new Kickstarter project:

The company is planning to also sell low cost cellular plans to compliment the CELL chip:

Hope that helps.