New to Arduino, what board to buy? (Some idea's)

So my flatmates gave me an Arduino board for my birthday :D, but left the choice whát board to me. I hadn't heard of Arduino before, but looked a bit around on the site and forum so I now (very basically) know what it can do.

Things I'd like to try with the Arduino are mainly related to photography, think of a lightning-based trigger, sound-based trigger, triggering by interrupting a laser beam, etc.

I figured the Arduino Uno has everything I need, but I just want to be sure there's not a board available that's better for those goals.

Thanks a lot!

Uno is a great choice for starting out, go for it and have fun.


Fun little starting point...

Thanks a lot! :)

I always thought this would be cool to do, if you have a camera that can receive IR

Hi! I'm still fairly noobish to arduino as well. I myself bought the uno ( it was the newest one, and it wasn't grandiose like the mega (which I wouldn't mind having :D )) but the uno, in my opinion, is the perfect starting point. A side note, I did have some fun with motion activated things, and programming it wasn't too complex and the end result was pretty cool. Best wishes on your arduino endeavors!