New to Arduino, what parts should I order?

Hello everyone,

I have decided decided that I want to learn about Arduino, and as a beginner I don't have any parts to go with it. What are some parts; resisters, capacitors, human input devices, servos, light sensors, battery adapters, leds, lcd displays that I should go and collect in order to have something to work with the Duemilanove I order?

Thanks in advance!

Hey yo,

I'm a newbie to this thing as well, but I found out that there are some "starters kit" which are really nice. Just check the stores near your place and see what they're up for.

If you live in Europe you might get one like these:

They usually come with a breadboard, wires, a bunch of simple sensors, buttons, potentiometers and other fun stuff to start with. Then you should move onto buying specific parts for your projects :)

Something else you should look into getting, before you even work on your first project, is a multimeter. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a simple cheap multimeter can be had for a few dollars/pounds/euros. Next you will want a cheap logic probe. Then you will want to read up on how, why, and where to use them. These two tools will be the backbone for future debugging and measurement uses; without them, it would be like trying to be a carpenter without a tape measure - possible, yes, but less mistakes will be made if you have it available (some mistakes which can be expensive; sometimes even deadly).

You will also want to read up on some electronics tutorials; I have found this site to be pretty good:

Good luck.


I already have the multimeter covered, so thanks for the links and the tip about the logic probe!

I’m in the US, I don’t mind though; I take any source because I can find the parts outside of a starter pack and order them from radio shack or another dealer.


It's my first time too. I have ordered quite a bit from the shops linked on the page. For the start i recommend you to play with LEDs and maybe some sensors like temperatures combined with a LCD Display.