New To Arduino - Would love to know if this is possible

I currently have an Indoor Controlled Environment Garden. The garden is lit by 2 x 600 watt led (250 w true) at 240v. I also have an exhaust fan, intake fan, and humidifier. I have been contemplating how to connect all of these devices and monitor them via an app for a while and just yesterday I discovered the Arduino system and suite of products. I would like to know if it is possible to have a temp and humid sensor both inside and outside of the environment that could control the speed of the fans to adjust the temp based on the temp differential as well as turn the humidifier on and off based on reaching the desired level of humidity. I would also like to include a light sensor so that when the lights turn on the fans know to turn the temp up a few degrees and down a few degrees when the lights turn off. Ideally, I would like to be able to view and alter the temp and humidity presets all from an app. From the research that I have done so far, it seems that each of these tasks can be accomplished individually but I wonder about the feasibility of running so much electricity through an Arduino.

If anyone has any guidance or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much


This is an excellent application for Arduino. I strongly suggest you start with a few simple things like temperature and humidity measurements and do "Step-wise Refinement" to add functions as you go forward.

The Big Bang Theory may be OK for TV but not here.

I suggest you get a starter kit (there are many) and a couple temperature-humidity sensors to start.

DISCLAIMER: Mentioning stuff from my own shop... but there is loads on Amazon, Ebay etc etc.

Take a look at http://ArduinoInfo.Info to start.

See the How-to for one kit HERE..
(That will help understand how to get started).

Then see THIS Page about controlling power with Arduino.

And ask questions here....

And.. HERE is an example of measuring Temperature and Humidity and displaying it on a small LCD Display

Later you can get an ethernet interface and monitor/control stuff from the web.

NOTE: This is non-trivial and it will take you a while to get comfortable with this stuff...

I wonder about the feasibility of running so much electricity through an Arduino.

You will not be running any electric power THROUGH your Arduino. It just produces control signals to operate other things. The absolute max output for a single I/O pin is 40 milliamps and 20 mA would be much more sensible.

Have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program - though it was not written for a complete beginner.