New to Arduino - Z1000 Project


I am new to Arduino but did a little firmware programming 25 years ago. I want to replace the single LED light on my Kawasaki Z1000 with LED strip. here are the requirements: 1 PIR, Nano board, SD board for voice, and a speaker.

Normal operation the LED strip does the KITT scanner but with Green color
If someone gets within 2 feet the LED strip scans Red
After 2 seconds the voice module will play sound 1
If no motion detected after 5 seconds it will return to normal Green scan anctivate voice 2.

I have perused the projects online like the Cyclon scanner and the Kitt car scanner, LED strip, PIR, and voice playback. I have tried them individually in the Arduino software online to see how they work.

So my question is being new to this is how to program the Nano to do these tasks. I have been reading tutorials and testing but think I am missing logical steps for this project. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Start off slow step by step...At each step you take, upload the code and connect the necessary hardware and check if it works...If it does, proceed and if it doesn't check where you have gone wrong...

Give your shot at the code. If it doesn't work or some hardware doesn't work, you can ask the forum...