New to Arduino.

I am new to Arduino programming and to this forum. I am interested in developing a home security/automation sytem that will notify me of security breaches and allow remote access control thru my cell phone. Could someone give me the recomended hardware part numbers to accomplish this. For example, should I start out with an Arduino Uno or just buy the Mega? Do I need to purchase a WiFi or ethernet GSM shield?

Thanks in advance for any help you might give.


I have a small bit of experience in this field. An uno will do the job, no need to spend the extra on a mega.

Do I need to purchase a WiFi or ethernet GSM shield?

Yes, depending on your needs one of these three will work. Keep in mind a GSM shield will require service from a phone company.

Instead of spending the extra money on the WIFI shield, I used an ethernet shield and a RFM69 radio module to create a wireless network.

Sounds like a cool project. Whats your plan on how it will notify you? I never got as far as emailing or tweeting notifications from the ardiuno.