new to arduino

sir, I know only a bit of processing language,I have very very basic knowledge in electronics, My initial aim is to control the speed and direction of 2 dc motors using L293D circuit {learnt from a website} connected to arduino, via bluetooth and give input commands from the computer keyboard. somy question is: which adruino would best suite me in terms of memory capacity, and me as a begineer?. And i also want to know how to use processing with arduino in the above mentioned project.sir also please send me the links where i can read about using adruino with processing and also some sample codes to start somewhere. Thank you in advance.


I would suggest Learn By Doing as soon as possible. So you need an Arduino and some electronics parts and subassemblies to learn and work with.

The big USA suppliers are and

If you need to save money and can wait longer (I hate that!) then go to and type “arduino starter kit” in the top search. I see "27 results found for arduino starter kit " and if you just type in Arduino and wait, you’ll see lots of suggestions.

Then, you probably want a “Motor Shield” that has the L293D circuit on it. Search for “Arduino Motor Shield” on Adafruit etc. or Ebay.

But start on simple stuff, switches and LEDs etc. until you’re comfortable with writing ‘Sketches’…

In the EXAMPLES that come with the Arduino download there are some for Arduino <-> Processing…

If you’re just starting on Arduino, PM or email me and I’ll point you to my (Unfinished!) Educational Website.

But: Get Started!