New to Arduino

Hello all,

i am new to the programming world and would like a little help.

i want some thumbs up to whether this is possible and a push in the right direction.

i need to supply a constant voltage to the controller, which needs to time for 1 hour. If the voltage stays constant for that hour, it switches an output on which in turn switches a buzzer on, this is to inform user of test pass. However if the voltage supply drops off before the hour, it needs to switch another buzzer on to inform user of test fail.

is this possible?

The main question is about the timer. I need a push in the right direction as to whether this is capable, someone may have a code that i could look at and try out.

many thanks

It seems to me fairly unlikely that anyone has software fitting that set of requirements. However, yes the Arduino should be capable, and assuming the supply is low voltage DC, the problem is relatively simple, requiring only a voltage divider. You just need to define limits.

yes supply is around the 6v mark but can be adjusted, as its only a class project and everything can be variable to make it work haha!!

i don’t know if i explained the process to well

but basically

input 6v ( or 5v whatever is best) ....... time for 60 mins ........ once time is complete, switch an output on (LED, BUZZER should indicate time has passed)

that’s the real problem im having with finding information on ( the timer )

The best timer for you to use would probably be "millis()" - it is described in the reference.