New to Arduino

I am looking to buy an Arduino Kit I have seen that the sites I was looking at the shipping cost were as much as the Arduino board Is there any local stores I could buy one in. Also I seen that most programing is done in c++ I use Linux and all that I have used to program is Python can I use Python to program an Arduino board.

Under usa there's a list of local supliers.

To my opinion most programming languages are quite similar, if you learned one it's not very hard to learn another.

There are ways to control your arduino from python if you wish.

can I use Python to program an Arduino board

No, but as wortelsoft says, once you know one language it's pretty easy to pick up another. I see it this way, you know what to do, that's most of the battle, you just have to figure out how to do it in the new language.


Thanks for the help I ordered the starter kit. hop i figure it out

Don't worry. You'll get it.

There's a ton of samples in here and other places, plus loads of people ready to help out.

Just go for it !

I finally got my Arduino in today and built my first project in the book; so far it seams easy.

I bought an "Arduino Starter Pack" from the adafruit website. I didn't know that the website offered an experimentation kit (which is what I needed). If I did, I would have bought that instead, which leads me to my question.

I'm looking for a place to buy a kit that contains extra supplies to make a few projects with my arduino. I'm new to arduino (obviously) so would appreciate any help.

With your starter pack you're well set up to get going. The question that arises now, what contains the experimentor kit that you need which is missing in the starter pack. Once you have that list, look what the components are costing. Most likely, you will get them for similar prices if you get those individually. Adafruit isn't in the business to give away things for free so you're paying for what you get anyway. You might also write a nice mail to the gals and guys at Adafruit and ask, what would cost an upgrade-pack from starter to experimentor pack.


Order what you need off Ebay. It'll take a little bit to get there if from China, but you'll get great prices.. just got 300 LED's (100 each red, green, white) for $12.

Just don't shop Radio Shack.. you'll go broke!

I'm looking for a place to buy a kit that contains extra supplies to make a few projects with my arduino

what kind of projects ?
you could start offf with line following or obstacle avoiding (robot's :wink: ) as they are very well documented all over and a good project for beginers it will be really pleasing to see your own robot moving