New to arduino

I'm new to arduino but have many years experience with general electronics.The thing that's most interests me at the moment is to be able to learn how to read and write eeprom's with the arduino.I found this project,and wanted to see what would have to learn to recreate something like this:

This is all new too me so i wouldn't have a clue on what books or websites would be helpful to learn more about it.I use ubuntu so anything linux related would be helpful.I want to work up to dumping the eeprom off an old android phone,and debugging the bootloader.Everything on that website i posted looks like a totally new language so guess i need to start from the,what would be a good arduino setup?thanks ? Is an AVR-based PoV from one of the major Arduino vendors. complete with explanations and instructions. and a helpful community (both there and here.) It'd be a good starting point. Note that the chip use on Arduino includes several kbytes of EEPROM; you may not need an external chip.

Thanks westfw i'll have to pick one of those up.Not really where to start as far as learning it goes,but i guess ill pick it up as i go :)