New to Arduino

Hey guys

I'm new to arduino so forgive my ignorance.. i'm trying to make some kind of an interactive photo booth, the booth will have a PC connected to the internet, with a webcam. Basically, i want to make some kind of a sequence, that when you push a button, a LED matrix panel will start a countdown when it reaches 0 a couple of thing will happen, such as led light turn on, a speaker will make some kind of sound, and then the webcam should be triggered, and save the photo in a folder on the PC.

Is this possible with arduino? Can i trigger a webcam that is not connected directly to the arduino? Do i need to connect a webcam to the arduino? can anyone direct me to some kind of manual or guide on how to do that and a guide on a simple way to trigger a sequence?

Sorry if my english isn't that good. Thanx

Sounds like you need more PC programming than Arduino. You can have the PC send some simple serial commands to have the Arduino flash the lights for you, make a Tone sound. Webcam should be USB into the PC and image capture done there.