New to ardunio

I am new to ardunio. I am trying to upload a program and I get the error message (see below)

Can anyone help me please.

Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows 8), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno"

Sketch uses 1,068 bytes (3%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32,256 bytes.

Global variables use 11 bytes (0%) of dynamic memory, leaving 2,037 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2,048 bytes.

avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM10": The system cannot find the file specified.

Problem uploading to board. See for suggestions.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
enabled in File > Preferences.

Possibly check that you’re connected to the correct COM port?

Tools >> Port

select the correct COM # (can find this in the device manager of your computer)

Tools>> Board

Select the type of board you’re using


Thanks. I was not connected to the PC.

Thanks. I was not connected to the PC.

Sounds like something I would do - plug one end of the cable into the Uno, the other end of the cable into the USB port on the PC and not notice they were two different cables. Yeah, been there, done that :confused:

Thanks guys. Appreciate your input.