New to CTC 101

Hey all. Just received my CTC 101 Full box today. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on where I go to get my code or log in credentials to get into my course management shell to set up my class and get instructions/ curriculum for the projects. Any help is appreciated as I am new to all of this.


Ask your supplier?

Maybe: Arduino CTC 101 Program - FULL | Arduino Official Store

There is a link to Customer Support at the bottom of the page

More on CTC 101 down a bit on this page


For all CTC-related inquiries, drop us an email at:

It looks pretty good but for that price, I'd go for all the support I could get!
You can get 3 teachers and 30 students in on the support for a year.

Perhaps as well, look for a CTC 101 forum or get with others and start one!