New to electronics. Is arduino best choice? Compared to...?

I dabble with electronics. I can solder. I am not comfortable with schematics. I can convert voltage and amperage with resistors to desired levels.

Any better kit starters? Thinking about getting the 'Getting started book' to see if it will work for me.
Things I should start with ideas?
Things I should avoid??

Thanks for any replies!

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furthermore go through the tutorial section of the site as there are many simple projects where you can learn from a lot. Change the code to see what happens.

Any Arduino starter kit will do to get started. If budget is tight you may disect toys from a 2nd hand shop to get motors and leds etc.

What kind of projects are you thinking of?

I found Arduino a very quick way to get started, and I still haven't outgrown the entry level UNO, its inside all my projects from RC Lap Timers, to Audino synths via Radio Controlled Cars.

The major plus points I have experienced are -

well supported libraries for interfacing with a wide range of hardware
easy and inexpensive to migrate to standalone circuits
And this very helpful forum

Duane B

My projects? Mainly just for learning/fun sake. I enjoy leds and the ability to change/control electronics.
Nothing set, not starting for a specific project.

"easy and inexpensive to migrate to standalone circuits"
I would like to know more about that. I was just wondering how to make stand alone projects and not use the UNO in all of them for that would be pricey.

Guess I would replicate UNO or at least the chip? Ok, well more reading next week when back to desk job.

Thanks for answers. Hope there will be more.


Its less than 10 dollars to build a standalone, maybe as low as seven dollars.

Heres one in a robot -

and one in a lap timer

For programming standalone setups I find this very useful -

If you see the six pins in the bottom left of the laptimer circuit, this is a programming header that allows me to update the standalone Arduino software from the computer using the converter in the link above.

If you start with an UNO, its a pretty easy and well documented migration path to standalone Arduinos.

Duane B