New to electronics - Need project guidance

Q) How do I control 6V motors with the arduino without blowing something up?

I've been working with the following kit I decided to buy on a whim from the local electronics store which has been fun and educational so far:

I know it isn't an official arduino - sorry! :blush:

It is apparently Arduino uno compatible and I'd like to stick it on top of this tank chassis which has two 6V motors:

Eventually I'd like to put some sensors on it and other electronic bling to chase the cat but I'm not too sure where to go next. Can anyone offer some suggestions to get this project on the right track? (excuse the pun).


I haven’t used motors on the Arduino yet but I have on another microcontroller.

From what I remember putting the voltage through it one was turns it clockwise, the other anti clockwise and you can control the speed using pulse width modulation (turning the voltage on and off and varying rates).

This guide should help. Haven’t used it myself but the other adafruit ones are good (top hit on google btw for “arduino 6v motors guide”)

Good luck!

A way:

Buy or build circuit from parts. There a far too many variations to list references, use Google.